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WANS membership is available to organizations or entities that put nursing research a priority and whose mission and vision are compatible with WANS. Organizational membership is granted when the majority of the WANS Board of Directors give affirmative votes. Qualification for membership can be revoked by the majority affirmative votes of the Board of Directors. A member organization which damages the reputation of or acts in opposition to the goals of the Academy is subject to potential revocation of its membership.

To Become a Member


Fill out all items in the application. If there is any missing item, you may be requested to resubmit the application. Submitted documents will not be returned.


If the secretariat should contact or send inquiries to a person other than the representative, fill out the contact person section. Contact is mostly made via e-mail, so please provide an e-mail address.

Approval Procedures

The board of directors reviews all applications. If the application is approved, notification of membership will be sent to the representative of the applying organization. Notification will also be made if the application is not approved.

Currently there are no membership fees or annual dues for joining the society.

Japan Academy of Nursing Science Office
201 Fujimi Building, 3-37-3 Hongo, Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo
113-0033, Japan
TEL: 03-5805-1280 / FAX: 03-5805-1281
E-mail: office@jans.or.jp


Guide of Registration

Membership Application Form

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