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Dear Members of World Academy of Nursing Science (WANS),

chairpersonI am honored to write to you my first greeting as the chairperson of Board members of World Academy of Nursing Science. I was appointed by previous Executive Director, Dr. Hiroko Minami after 5th Board Meeting of WANS in Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand. I hope to take a role for promoting the communication among members academies and promote development of WANS to meet global needs and trends in nursing academia.

Establishment of the WANS was originally proposed by the Japan Academy of Nursing Science (JANS) to promote the study of nursing sciences and to initiate, facilitate and coordinate research and other scientific activities necessitating international cooperation. Its other missions include holding academic conferences as a non-governmental and non- profit international organization for nursing scholars and practitioners around the world. The proposition of the WANS has been examined and supported by sixteen founding organizations which are leading national or regional academic, educational and/or professional organizations from nine countries- Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and USA.

The WANS aims to contribute to the health and welfare of people worldwide through promotion of international academic exchanges and collaborative research. Its membership is open to nursing-related academic institutions and/or organizations from any country. Each member institution or organization shall appoint a representative to act as a member of the Board of Directors to determine the direction of WANS.

I hope that our academy will spur active exchanges among members around the world. As an international organization, for the advancement of mutual interactions and creation of greater nursing knowledge, we will continue to encourage and support active international research cooperation.

Noriko Katada, RN, DNSc.
World Academy of Nursing Science

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